Spark Platform & Typeform

Start creating forms and surveys that your customers enjoy and WANT to engage with!

Our seamless integration with leading web-based form builder, Typeform, is available to all Spark Platform clients.

Typeform enables you to create interactive and personalised customer surveys, collect customer information, and display real-time response data.

The integration enables to to send personalised Typeforms via your Spark Platform and enjoy the benefits of personalisation, queuing, and response automation functionality.

It’s time to ditch the clunky old form builders and start creating forms and surveys that your customers enjoy and want to engage with!

Typeform Use Cases for the Spark Platform

Net Promoter Score

Customer Satisfaction & Future Needs Surveys

Acquisition & Prospecting

Collect and action customer responses efficiently.  Use multiple triggers to initiate, including New Customer, New Loan, and Branch or Online interaction.  Easily track and benchmark your performance.

Enjoy higher response rates from more enjoyable and interactive surveys.

Get the data you need to make informed business decisions.

Collect and action leads using short response forms on your website product and promotional pages. Implement anything from simple call-back requests to a semi-loan qualifying form.

Key Benefits

Increased CX & response rate:
Personalise surveys with customer data & incorporate your existing brand assets to seamlessly integrate your marketing campaigns.

No need to export, import or send your customer data to another service provider or cloud-based application. You can send personalised surveys directly from your Spark Platform.

Prospecting opportunities:
Generate & qualify leads from multiple sources. Typeforms can be used for something as simple as growing a mailing list, to a complex loan enquiry.

Save time:
With superior design features and functionality, it is quite amazing how quickly an engaging survey can be developed!

Realtime reporting:
Download reports and access customer responses as they happen.

Data-driven strategy:
There’s never been an easier way to collect first-hand market research data to help shape key strategic decisions.