Event Triggers

Increase conversion rates and deepen loyalty through meaningful customer experiences

Spark’s proven event triggers present powerful opportunities to engage with your customers.

Whether you are looking to acquire new loans, nurture high values, identify vulnerable customers, or increase non-interest income – you name it, we have (or can develop) a trigger to help you engage with the right customers.

Below are just a few of the event triggers our clients are using regularly.
There are so many more – OH, so many more!

Mortgage Opportunities

Uncover loan acquisition opportunities from within your existing customer base

Mortgage Elsewhere
Discover customers with a mortgage at another financial institution and present a refinance offer.

Home Saver
Identify customers who are saving for a home deposit and develop a mortgage product awareness campaign.

Loan Redraw
Find customers who may be interesting in redrawing their mortgage.

Retention Opportunities

Put a stop to the churn, reactivate lapsing customers and retain the valuable

Identify customers celebrating product or tenure milestone anniversaries and formally recognise their achievements.

Customer and/or Loan at Risk
Identify customers showing signs of attrition or closing their loan product and commence win-back campaigns.

Lost Salary Credit
Detect customers who no longer deposit their salary.

Onboarding Opportunities

Establishing a new customer relationship has a significant impact on long-term profitability.

New Customer
Identify new customers and initiate an onboarding journey map.

Product Cross-Sells
Identify the next best product for a new customer and initiate an awareness campaign.

Insurance Opportunities

Add value to your customers and foster goodwill with timely and relevant communication

 Insurance Lead
Discover customers who have insurance policies elsewhere and are currently in the market for a new one.

Finance Elsewhere
Identify customers with a loan financed at another financial institution and may need an insurance policy.

If you have a specific customer segment, communication problem or opportunity that you don’t see here, contact us today and we can develop it – we love a challenge!