Strategy Sessions

Get armed with the data and insights to bring something truly valuable to the table.

It’s the day we step out of day-to-day firefighting mode and into strategic thinking mode.  

Are you ready for it?

Whether it’s something specific you’re after or some general insights into your customers’ behaviour – we can help!  We’ve done it many times before with great results.

“Our session with Fred really helped us shape some key strategic decisions.  Our department heads were genuinely surprised with the speed and depth that the Platform could dive into our own data and highlight engagement opportunities” – Michael at Defence Bank

We can come and present a deep-dive analysis of your data to your management team in preparation for your Strategy Day and/or to your Board on the actual day.

  • What engagement opportunities are available to us?
  • How do we compare to others in the Mutual industry?
  • What should our targets be and how do we set them?
  • How do we engage this segment we’re targeting?

If you would like to arrange a session with us and get these types of questions answered, get in contact today.  We can visit in person or via Zoom – whatever suits your team!

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