Customer engagement solutions

Improve CX across channels.  Increase value.  Drive retention.


Who is Spark?

We’re a Pitney Bowes software partner, specialising in Customer Engagement solutions that empower our clients to:

   Analyse their customer data and identify value opportunities   

–   Engage their customers with relevant and personalised communications   

–   Deliver a positive customer experience across inbound and outbound channels   

Together, we’ll advance your today and help you define your tomorrow.


What We Do

Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics

 Compliment your strategic planning and brand positioning with data driven insights about your customers, their respective behaviour and how they contribute to profit.

Our popular metrics include Customer Value (incl lifetime value), Customer Engagement and the Behaviour Quadrant.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Turn insight into action, with timed, targeted and relevant communications.

Engage with your customers through a secure, data rich and integrated marketing automation solution.

Our service is customisable and configured to your organisational requirements.

Interactive Video

Interactive Video

Provide your customers with unique, real-time video experiences that deepen relationships.

We provide the platform and use cases; where each use case is branded, personalised and contains organisation specific content.




Upgrade your customer communications with automated, data-driven 1:1 messaging.  

Reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and drive deeper conversations using website and social media channels.


Why choose Spark?

We’re dedicated to enabling business with technology in the area of customer analytics engagement. Our highly skilled team will ensure you are proactively supported.

From data triggers to propensity modelling that drive customer journeys across inbound and outbound channels; Spark is enabling organisations with solutions that work!

“Spark has helped us produce high converting marketing campaigns using the most relevant communication channels for our members.  We see results!”

– Kathryn,

Coastline Credit Union

“Spark is providing us with some of the underlying technology that is enabling our customer engagement initiatives”

– Justin,

Bank Australia

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