Engagement Solutions

for Credit Unions and Mutual Banks

Create meaningful customer experiences that improve engagement, increase returns and drive retention.

We came from the sector

Our team has been a part of the Credit Union and Mutual Banking sector for decades.  We’ve worked in them, for them and are customers of them – we’re big fans!


We cater to the sector

Our clients benefit from the wealth of specialised knowledge we provide.  And we continuously develop our offerings specific to their evolving needs.

We understand the sector

We understand the data security requirements, core banking system providers, referral partners, and have a thorough grasp on the datasets unique to the Credit Union and Mutual banking sector.

Our aggregated service means our Credit Union and Mutual Banking clients have access to the level of technology previously only available to the big banks.

Customer Data

Know Your Customer

A common challenge for most Credit Unions and Mutual Banks is the maintenance of multiple data sources. This has a significant impact on organisational efficiency and makes it very difficult to identify which customers should be engaged and when to do it.

Data by Spark converges these previously siloed datasets into a single source, to enable a crystal-clear picture of your customer.

Discover and utilise consumer behaviour trends derived from your own data, using our profiling and predictive modelling specifically developed for the Credit Union and Mutual Banking sector.

Event Triggers

Identify value-generating opportunities

Event triggers refer to the circumstances that prompt a strong opportunity to engage with your customer. Used effectively, they can create meaningful customer experiences – increasing conversion and deepening loyalty, whilst optimising your marketing efforts.

Data by Spark features a myriad of proven event triggers that enable hyper segmentation of your customers.

Whether you are looking to acquire new loans, nurture high values, identify vulnerable customers, or increase non-interest income – you name it, we have (or can develop) a trigger to help you engage with the right customers.


Timed, targeted & relevant communications

Designing, executing, and reporting on your customer engagement activities is made easy with the Spark Platform Service.  It provides users with a powerful tool to design complex customer journey maps, create and send engaging emails, letters, SMS, surveys, and generate outbound call opportunities.

We understand Mutuals’ data security needs and can provide the service as “hosted” or “on-premise” – a feature unlikely to be offered elsewhere.

Advanced integrations enable the Spark Platform to utilise data and software functionality from multiple sources.  Stripo, Taguchi, BingMail, SecurePDF, and core banking providers CBS, Ultracs, and Finacle – are just some currently available on the Platform, with even more in the pipeline specifically catering to our Mutual clients.

Marketing Operations

Get the level of support that suits your needs

Our expert team can assist at every stage of your campaign, from ideas and development, right through to execution and post-campaign reporting.

Whether as an effortless extension to your in-house team, or as your full-service marketing operations service, we are dedicated to enhancing customer engagement and value for your organisation.

Get a leg up on your digital engagement strategy by leveraging our ready-to-go campaigns. From customer journey maps to our range of acquisition and retention initiatives, we have many proven campaigns to get your organisation engaging with customers right away.

We also provide ongoing training and support to help optimise your campaigns and marketing capabilities. Think of us as your on-call marketing ops team, ready to help when, where and how you need it most.

Dashboards & Reporting

Understand and leverage your data

Data by Spark enables better strategic decisions based on a clear view of what’s going on and how you’re performing.  Our proven metrics are widely used as organisation, executive, and department KPIs and can be used to compliment your strategic planning and brand positioning function.

Spark dashboards provide visibility of direct marketing activity and organisation performance, supported with Mutual Industry comparison and annual report cards that are well received by the executive level.

We also perform deep-dive analytics (upon request) on individual campaigns enabling you to measure individual campaign success.

“Spark has helped us produce high converting marketing campaigns using the most relevant communication channels for our members.  We see results!”

– Kathryn,

Coastline Credit Union

“Spark is providing us with some of the underlying technology that is enabling our customer engagement initiatives”

– Justin,

Bank Australia


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