Customer Engagement Solutions

Improve CX across channels.  Increase value.  Drive retention.


Who is Spark?

We empower our clients to:

Analyse customer data and identify value opportunities

Engage customers with relevant and personalised communications

Deliver a positive customer experience across inbound and outbound channels


Our robust, secure and enterprise-grade customer engagement solutions include automated multi-channel communications, drag-and-drop email templates, innovative personalised videos and cost-saving chatbot to provide an integrated engagement platform.


Our experienced, talented, and personable team provides exceptional tailored support. With experts in customer analytics and digital marketing, our team can complement your organisation with highly skilled individuals.


We have serviced the Mutual Banking sector for over 10 years and recently commenced supporting other business to consumer (B2C) industries.

Let’s start a conversation around the opportunities we can create for your business.

Together, we’ll advance your today and help you define your tomorrow.


Our Products

Customer Analytics & Insights

Know Your Customer

Discover and utilise consumer behaviour trends and insights derived from your own customer data.

At Spark we thrive on analysing data to identify opportunities. We help our clients with data triggers, customer profiling, insights and predictive modelling.

Our industry metrics are widely used as organisation, executive, and department KPIs and can also be used to compliment your strategic planning and brand positioning function.

Engagement Automation

Timed, targeted & relevant communications

Turn insights into action with targeted and timely customer communications.

Our Platform service provides users with a powerful tool to create and send emails, letters, SMS, surveys, and generate outbound call opportunities. We currently integrate with many core banking providers and can provide this service as “hosted” or “on-premise”.

We can enable an organisation within 6 weeks and equip them for immediate success.

Interactive Video

Engagement. Evolved.

Market leaders are always looking for new ways to captivate and engage customers. That’s because customer experience matters more than ever.

EngageOne Video by Spark is a full-service interactive video capability. We provide the platform and use cases that are branded, personalised and contain organisation specific content.

With EngageOne Video, you can boost business, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies.


Intelligent self-service that’s far from artificial

Upgrade your customer communications with automated, data-driven 1:1 messaging.

EngageOne Converse is an easy-to-use, cloud-based designer that enables a user to create, modify, and optimise chatbots.

Now, you can quickly deliver interactive and real-time digital self-service while reducing your call centre costs.


Our Services

Your Virtual Team

Get the level of support that suits your needs. Our highly skilled team are ready to assist your staff or we can provide and implement a marketing plan for you.

Our team brings a wealth of practical experience and solution knowledge. We love to roll up our sleeves and help our clients build long lasting relationships with their customers.

Ready To Go Campaigns

Get a head start on your digital engagement strategy by leveraging our journey maps.

From customer journey maps to our range of acquisition and retention initiatives, we have many proven campaigns to get your organisation engaging with your customers.

Analytics & Dashboards

Make better strategic decisions based on a clear view of what’s going on and how you’re performing.

Our dashboards provide visibility of direct marketing activity and organisation performance, supported with industry comparison and annual report cards that are well received by the executive level.

We also perform deep-dive analytics (on demand) on individual campaigns enabling you to measure individual campaign success.


Leverage our research and data-analytics power to gain real, valuable, and actionable insights.

With our years of experience and visibility across industries, we are able to provide data-driven insights into consumer behaviour and activity.

We regularly offer our Insights papers to our clients and associates (free-from-charge) to inform and advise on future digital engagement strategy. Get in touch with us to start regularly receiving your copy too.


Our Industries


For over 10 years Spark has been largely focussed on delivering proven engagement solutions to the mutual banking sector.


Our data-driven insights and engagement solutions create more meaningful customer experiences and organisation efficiencies.


Integrate multiple data sources and create personalised engagement opportunities with our marketing and analytics services.



Our CX solutions can help retain and grow customer value, manage multi-channel marketing efforts and increase customer engagement

“Spark has helped us produce high converting marketing campaigns using the most relevant communication channels for our members.  We see results!”

– Kathryn,

Coastline Credit Union

“Spark is providing us with some of the underlying technology that is enabling our customer engagement initiatives”

– Justin,

Bank Australia

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