Turn insight into action! The Platform Service enables an organisation to engage with its customers in a sophisticated and cost effective manner.

The Platform Services comprises of:

  • An automated customer communication platform
  • A self-service analytics platform
  • An advanced analytics platform

Our Platform Service is installed, configured, managed and pro-actively supported.

The Platform Service is based on the Portrait software suite and includes the following products:






 Portrait Miner is a powerful analytics application with predictive capabilities. Designed for the power user this application enables seamless data extraction from multiple sources and provides users with a platform to derive, aggregate and model data. Data can be exported in multiple formats and seamlessly published in other Portrait products.





 Portrait Explorer enables [non-technical] users to visually explore customer data in a unique and user friendly way. Easily zoom out to see the big picture with accurate counts and aggregates, reorganise and select relevant customers through simple drag & drop, and then zoom in to check on individual examples to validate your targeting choices.




 Portrait Dialogue is a multi-channel, multi-step marketing automation platform that integrates with environment. Preloaded daily with your customer data, Portrait Dialogue provides marketers with a central platform to plan, execute, monitor and tune customer engagement.

The Platform Service is customisable and will be configured to your organisational requirements.  Through the discovery workshop held at the start of a new client engagement, we learn about your organisation (customers, operations, marketing activity and strategy) and then we go about configuring an instance of our Platform Service that will compliment your organisation both now and into the future.

The implementation of the Platform Service has minimal dependency on your human resources (approximately 10 hours – not including training).

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