Service Desk

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Do you have a question, request or an issue you need to raise? Log onto our service desk and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.


[mini-icon icon=”facetime-video”] Watch this video demo on how to log a Service Desk request.


Quick Start Guides

[pdf_attachment file=”1″ name=”Creating a Basic Selection”]
[pdf_attachment file=”2″ name=”Creating a Questionnaire”]
[pdf_attachment file=”3″ name=”Creating and Editing Message Templates”]
[pdf_attachment file=”4″ name=”Creating and Editing a New eDM”]
[pdf_attachment file=”5″ name=”Creating and Executing a Basic Dialogue”]
[pdf_attachment file=”6″ name=”Deploying a Questionnaire”]
[pdf_attachment file=”7″ name=”Using the Telemarketing Application”]
[pdf_attachment file=”8″ name=”Using the Customer View Application”]
[pdf_attachment file=”9″ name=”Closing assigned tasks in Customer View”]
[pdf_attachment file=”10″ name=”Using the BingMail Plugin”]

“How To” Videos

[mini-icon icon=”facetime-video”] Create and execute a basic dialogue
[mini-icon icon=”facetime-video”] Use the Telemarketing application
[mini-icon icon=”facetime-video”] Create a basic Questionnaire
[mini-icon icon=”facetime-video”] Extract responses from a Questionnaire
[mini-icon icon=”facetime-video”] Import a list of customers in Portrait Dialogue
[mini-icon icon=”facetime-video”] Send a follow-up email to customers
[mini-icon icon=”facetime-video”] Format and tidy a Dialogue
[mini-icon icon=”facetime-video”] Review a customer’s profile using Customer View 
[mini-icon icon=”facetime-video”] Update customer communication preferences
[mini-icon icon=”facetime-video”] Create, review & edit Questionnaire responses in Customer View 
[mini-icon icon=”facetime-video”] Add or delete a customer from a Dialogue
[mini-icon icon=”facetime-video”] Review, create and send new Messages in Customer View
[mini-icon icon=”facetime-video”] Create a new Task in Visual Dialogue
[mini-icon icon=”facetime-video”] Assign Tasks in Task Organiser
[mini-icon icon=”facetime-video”] Action Tasks within Customer View
[mini-icon icon=”facetime-video”] Review and edit letter templates
[mini-icon icon=”facetime-video”] Review and extract data from dialogues