Marketing Consultancy

Marketing Consultancy and Support Services

Do you have the resource capabilities required to make your next marketing activity the success you know it should and can be?
From copywriting to consumer trends research, analysis and recommendations; from campaign set-up to comprehensive ‘go to whoa’ campaign management; Spark’s specialist Marketing team will help ignite that good idea into a triumphant reality.

Delivering results:   Backed by powerful analytical software, our Spark can provide your business with actionable insights derived from your own customer data then enable you to operationalise those insights into effective, powerful and automated marketing programs.
What this ultimately means is that you are able to enjoy a boost in customer engagement levels and revenue growth, whilst affording more time to concentrate on high level strategic decisions – instead of wasting that time on analytical, technical and time-intensive marketing tasks.

Effective, cost-efficient and timely execution:   Utilising the Spark Integrated Marketing System, we help you create, deploy and monitor effective marketing, growth, and consumer engagement strategies. We can help shape and spark that consumer behavioural change you have been working towards, and we can do it within your set timeframes. Spark’s specialist team coupled with the transparent reporting capabilities of the Portrait platform suite also allow for valuable ongoing and post-campaign reporting.

Enjoy support flexibility:    Our marketing support services have been developed and designed in a way that can support your existing Marketing team or stand alone as your ‘go to’ Marketing all-rounder service.

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