Analytics Modelling

Advanced customer analytics

Having confidence in your data makes all the difference

At Spark, we know customer data: we live and breathe it. In fact, we’re passionate about customer data, using it to shape your marketing strategies and increase campaign efficiencies and campaign response rates. That’s what we do, every day.

Through our proven advanced analytic services we can help our clients with:

Data analysis and segmentation

When it comes to effective targeted marketing identifying the right opportunities is essential to ongoing success. It’s only by understanding and developing segmentation strategies based on a combination of profile and behavior that you can determine where the best opportunities are.
Effective segmentation will help you develop a deeper understanding of your customer segments, know what products or services to promote and, ultimately increase your campaign response rates.

Build marketing success through propensity modelling

Propensity modelling is the backbone of customer analytics and will help you enhance your customer relationships.
Through extensive analysis of customer profiles, portfolios and behavior across hundreds of variables, we can find common patterns. From these patterns, we develop models that score purchasing opportunities or churn candidates.
We specialize in predicting a customer’s behavior so you can manage retention or churn more effectively.

Integrated Self-service analytics.
Gaining access to complete customer profiles is often met with challenges including fragmented data sources, integration issues and timeliness of data

Our self-service analytics facility is a powerful analytics service that enables users to explore customer data in a unique and user friendly way.

This service is delivered through our listing partners to provide users with an easy to use platform to navigate and understand customer data.

Turn your data into something useful by building segments or reusable models to create tailored marketing strategies. It’s what we do, every day